An eCommerce marketplace to buy and sell high quality pre-owned children’s clothes.


ModTod is an ecommerce app that makes it easy for moms and dads with children ages 0 to 14 years to buy and sell quality pre-owned children’s clothing and accessories with other families across Canada. ModTod eliminates the hassle of face-to-face exchanges required by competitors like Kijiji, LetGo, and VarageSale by emailing sellers a pre-paid Canada Post shipping label. Sellers simply print the label, affix it to a package that contains their sold items, then drop it in the mail. Buyers can use ModTod to affordably refresh their child’s wardrobe by shopping a personally curated selection of items that match the size and gender preference established within their profile.


The client herself being a parent of two kids faced the challenge of buying new clothes for her kids every few months as the kids grew older and the clothes wouldn’t fit them. She had to refresh her children’s wardrobe after every few months and spend time in looking for the clothes that fit perfectly. Apart from that, kids’ clothes these days are not really pocket-friendly. They definitely burn a hole in the parents’ pocket. So to avoid spending so much money on buying new clothes from the retailers the client thought of connecting such parents with each other who have kids via ModTod app.


The project has 2 modules, (a) mobile app for the users to buy and sell their children’s clothes and (b) web-based admin panel. The mobile app is for the users to sign up and buy/sell the products. They can manage and keep tabs on their delivery status. The admin panel is for the client to monitor the sales, purchases, and help the users if any dispute is raised for an order.

The products would just be clothes for children. The sellers have a hassle free experience while shipping their products. They just need to download and print the shipping label from the app and affix it to the parcel and drop it off in the mail. Upon completion of the order they will receive their earnings directly in their bank account. Whereas, buyers just need to browse through the products and purchase it. After purchasing they will be shown the detailed delivery status of their product within the app and also on the Canada Post website.

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