A mobile application for sports enthusiasts to connect and play their favourite sport together


The client himself being a sportsperson wanted to create an application where he could provide a platform to other people who are interested in playing sports to connect with each other and play their favourite sport together. They could even share their experiences and get to know each other better through the application. This application is built with the purpose of becoming a leading platform for discovering the users keenly interested in sports and their training mainly in Singapore and the rest of the Asian countries.


The client was always struggling to find people to play with him so he thought of building a platform where everyone can choose their favourite sport and find other players to play with them. He wanted to meet other players who lived nearby and faced the same problem of not able to play just because they could not find other players.


The users can sign up/login using their Facebook or Google accounts and start building their profile by rating their skills for the selected sport. They will rated with Bronze, Silver or Gold badges based on their skill pointers. They can then create activities and clubs mentioning the sport to be played, location and duration of the event along with the number of players required for that event. They can invite other players or the players can join themselves and can chat with them. They can create private activities and clubs which can only be joined by other players upon approval or invitation from the creator. The users can even join other player’s clubs and activities if they are public. The users can even manage their calendar from the app. They can see their upcoming and past events in the calendar. They can also see the list of other players using the app and chat with them one on one and in group.

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