ITA Connect

ITA Connect is an app for contracted financial advisers seeking mobile access to the tools they use most from Investors Trust.


Investors Trust Assurance SPC (“ITA”) is an international insurance company and subsidiaries in multiple jurisdictions which aims to supply investors with access to global markets through an array of medium to long term unit-link investment products. With multiple jurisdictions to choose from, along with a wide range of investment solutions, Investors Trust provides international investors with endless possibilities. Investors have the power to build a plan that fits their individual needs. ITA offers a range of flexible, tax-efficient products, designed to suit various income levels and financial planning needs. Investors Trust is the global brand representing the ITA Group of companies.


ITA Connect is a revolutionary app for contracted financial advisers seeking mobile access to the tools they use most from Investors Trust. Whether they are managing business on the go or looking to stay up to date with the latest company news and industry insights, ITA Connect is an all-in-one solution for marketing resources from Investors Trust. This mobile app was created to put the power in the hands of the user so they can easily find, save and share resources directly from their phone, on the go and anywhere.


The users can have access to all the marketing resources of the company from this app. The users can view the latest promotions and news from the company, easily access new features and participate in monthly live polls from the Discover section. They can conveniently access, save and share the marketing materials that most interest their clients, in real time and on the go from the Library section. There are various PDFs available like the company brochure, presentations, flyers and social posts which they can directly share with their clients from the app. They can understand the risk profile of their clients with the interactive test and build a portfolio based on their financial goals from the Resources section. They can even search and share factsheets of the funds on their wide-ranging platform.

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