A utility token and digital asset marketplace.


ETHoutlet is an easy-to-use exchange platform for mass trail blazers to get into the tokenized application ecosystem without barriers. It helps in the growth of blockchain technology innovation and bring decentralized applications to mass adoption. It is a digital asset marketplace whose mission is to bring a seamless trading experience and gateway to enter into the new decentralized application era. It mainly offers platform to trade into Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), SingularDTV (SNGLS), Selfkey (KEY), ALAX (ALX), OriginTrail (TRAC), etc.


The ETHoutlet team wanted a website with a very smooth user experience where the users can easily see the current buying and selling rates of the cryptocurrency they want to deal in. They wanted to integrate an external third-party API which would reflect the current market price of each cryptocurrency efficiently. They also wanted that if ever they add any new cryptocurrency from the backend, all the processes related to it should be displayed directly on the front-end.


ETHoutlet operates in a “Dealer Exchange Mode”, meaning users can directly buy and sell cryptocurrency from the platform, and no third party is involved. This hassle-free model ensures that the exchange request can be fulfilled immediately. The users can manage their own funds. They don’t need to maintain their account with a positive balance. They will only deposit whenever they want to trade. They will pay only when they want to fulfill a trade order that was raised by them. The platform even allows the users to exchange a minimum as 0.005 BTC or 0.02 ETH for education or utility use.

The ETHoutlet team wanted an option in the admin panel to add any new cryptocurrency directly and all the processes related to it should be added automatically in the front end website. The processes like being able to place market and limit orders, making deposits, selling the currency, etc. will automatically be added on the front end.

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