Arte Madrid

An e-commerce website to buy modern hand-crafted jewellery.


Established by a fine jewelry family in Madrid, Spain, and started as a small proprietor. Precious gems and rare metals were used in the designs back then. In late 1990s, ARTE MADRID pioneered the use of synthetic gemstones, and debuted at Vicenza, Italy in 2000. Since then, ARTE MADRID’s fame quickly spread beyond Spain and Europe to Asia and Greater China. ARTĒ MADRID jewels are conceived by renowned European jewellery designers and fashioned from precious and synthetic materials of flawless and unblemished quality.


Arte Madrid wanted a very clean and user-friendly design for their website. They wanted their products to be highlighted the most in a very simple yet stylish way. They wanted all the features that a regular e-commerce website would have but right from the wireframing phase they were always stressing on to highlight their products the most and not make the website look cluttered or messy. They also wanted full control over changing and updating their landing page on almost a weekly basis as they always had new collections to be showcased. So we have given them full rights and all the options they need to manage their landing page. They were also concerned about the loading speed of the website as it will have a lot of images. They did not want to upload low resolution images and also wanted loading time to be as low as possible. To overcome that problem we have used Amazon Relational Database Service, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Amazon Load Balancing, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling & Amazon S3 Bucket which helps the website to bear the load of all the high resolution images that Arte Madrid’s team upload.


The project was launched with 2 distinct modules: (a) the front-end ecommerce website and (b) the web-based admin panel. The front-end website was designed completely around the narrative of showcasing Arte Madrid’s beautiful jewellery. The jewellery is categorised based on the collections they belong to and as well as their product type. Due to this structure people would immediately know what they want to shop for once they select the category of products. The customers will even be able to view the different sizes, colors and other variations of the products in detail which will help them make the correct choice while buying any product.

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